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Microsoft   20. 11. 2005 - 21. 03. 2006
I was working in Microsoft (contract for four months) as a developer of two internal applications (one web and one desktop application).

My main activity was developing and improving these applications, fixing found problems and bugs and their testing. Major part of my work consisted of database development (SQL Server 2000 in the first application and SQL Server 2005 in the second application) in T-SQL and C# development (in .NET Framework 2.0). 

The purpose of the web application was processing data information about annual costs and plans for every department centre and project. All these costs were prepared and checked in this application and then cloned to SAP. The user experience was one of the highest priorities, so AJAX and JScript were used often. The code was tested in NUnit.

The purpose of the desktop application was to simplify the creation of localized CD labels for every Microsoft product (the first usage was the creation of CD labels for Microsoft Vista operation system). The application co-operates with Adobe Indesign and its COM API. I was the main developer of this application and partially created the analytic design. The code was tested in NUnit.

I liked it in Microsoft very much. There were nice people and good fellowships. I was offered to work there as a permanent but I'd like to obtain an experience in more companies.