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Before departure
Adventure of lifetime begins...

01. 01. 2012 - Origins of the idea

I dont remember where the first idea to travel to Asia came from or when. It's one of those things that sleep inside you for a while and then one day come to you as a thing you've been thinking about forever. It was just waiting for the right moment. And in the same way I found my travel partner - accidentally :)

Imagine that you are free from all conventional restrictions - work, family, lack of time or money, and you can do with your life just about ANYTHING you want. There are no limits. My decision put me in exactly such a moment - I am at the beginning and all big decisions, all choices and crossroads are still ahead.

I am free to do ANYTHING. It's time to spread my wings and fly.

14. 01. 2012 - Weeks of preparation

Počet cestovatelů: 2

Number of travellers: 2
Date of departure: 24th January 2012
Predicted day of return: Lucie 5th Sep, Pavel 15th Aug

Countries to be visited: 8 (India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Mongolia in this order)

Time spent (per country):
 India  5 weeks
 end of Jan - end Feb
 Nepal  3-4 weeks
 Thailand  3 weeks
 Cambodia  3 weeks  end of April - mid May
 Laos  3 weeks
 mid - end Many
 Vietnam  3 weeks  end May - mid June
China  6 weeks  mid June - mid July
 Mongolia  1 month
 mid July - mid Aug

Time spent on planning: uncountable number of long days and dreamless nights
Time spent on preps: minimal (several days just before departure when the preparations started to be taken seriously)

Lucie - epiphany, enlightment, inspiration
Pavel - life adventure, broader horizons

Lucie – money runs out before I will be ready to return, spiders and other crawlies
Pavel – diarrhoea, theft (especially his precious camera)
Others – health and safety

23. 01. 2012 - Last doubts

The translation of this page is in the progress.

24. 01. 2012 - We are leaving

The translation of this page is in the progress.