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I'm not on Internet at this moment
Welcome !

This is the third version of my webpages, which I have launched in June 2005.

I have divided these pages to number of parts. The first part consist of information about career such as services, projects and references. In the second part you can find personal information about me - something about school, some photos, messages etc. The last part contains pages, which could belong to both of the previously parts, such as contact to me, forum etc.
There are also some improvements like inquiries, forum, searching, news, snapshots, counter etc., which (I think) can sweeten browsing these pages.

You can choose from four different design styles. Default style is "modem", because many users have slow connection, but if you have quicklier connection, I recommend you other styles too. I think, that they are quite good.

If you like my webpages (but also dislike) then you can vote in inquiries or write me your opinion directly into the forum, where is a special discussion of this topic.

I hope you enjoy my pages and if you want to notify something to me, you can voice it in messages. . If it is something considerable, have a look at contact.

If you are looking for more formal information about me, my experiences in IT and references, please look at this website.